Who are

Get to know who are N0BS, how N0BS was born and why.



We’re a club born out of frustration. Our founder joined pretty much every membership she could find in the hope of meeting amazing people and growing her business.

Instead, the clubs used her to help promote them, made tons of empty promises, gaslit her into expensive training and put on lousy events.

After spending upwards of £50k on these memberships, she knew it was time to make a stand.

If you want something done properly… do it yourself!


Is behind

N0BS founder is Sabrina Chevannes, a serial entrepreneur who is no stranger to members clubs.

She built up a personal brand being known as the “No Bullsh*t Entrepreneur” as she ran the No Bullsh*t Agency for several years as well as posting No BS entrepreneurial advice on social channels.

She quickly became fed up that there wasn’t a place where entrepreneurs could meet each other, learn & grow, while feeling like they’re genuinely supported along their entrepreneurial journey.

So, Sabrina set out to make that her life’s mission and therefore, she created N0BS.



Well, N0BS stands for No Bullsh*t, and Sabrina and her team have been working under the No Bullsh*t brand for a while now.

We appreciate that it’s a very controversial name, that could be misconstrued another way.

But we’ve always been a bit edgy and we believe that the name itself filters out the sort of people who wouldn’t be right for the club.

After all, the club is a place for down-to-earth people and so those who are bothered by being one of the N0BS may not be the best fit.