Here are some of the questions that prospective members have asked us, and our answers. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

For now, most of the events will be hosted in London. But once we grow, we expect the events to be all over the UK… and eventually international.

Not yet, but maybe someday! Currently we are teaming up with other private members clubs around London and very cool venues to host all of our events.

If you feel that your values align with ours, please get in touch at and explain how you’d like to partner with us.

You can upgrade your tier at any time, but downgrading will be done in special circumstances and will depend on if the perks of the tier have been used up.

As soon as your application is approved and you’ve paid your membership fees, you will get access to the members dashboard where you will have access to everything. However, if you are paying monthly instead of annually, some things may be drip fed through.

There’s a 30 day notice period for cancellation, during which you can still use all the benefits and attend events.

We believe that you cannot beat in-person events, so we are very much arranging lots of “real life” events. We will still do some online events just for ease and also so as to reduce travelling.

Unfortunately all our events are members-only.

This will be varied but we look to have at least 3-4 events per month. You can pick and choose which events you’d prefer to go to.

It depends on the reason you’re rejected. We will do our best to get feedback to you, but this won’t always be possible. If you are rejected because you’re not a good ethical fit for our members, then it is unlikely that a new application will change that.

We are looking for entrepreneurs with a passion for learning and helping people. We want to foster a culture where everyone genuinely wants other members to learn and do well. So, we look for this in the new applicants.
If you’re an entrepreneur who loves self-development and has strong morals and ethical values, then you sound like the right fit.

We don’t believe that revenue is a true reflection of where you are at with your business, or the type of person you are and your potential. So, there are no revenue restrictions. However, we will offer a guide as to where you should be at should you wish to join the Grow or All-Access tiers to ensure it is responsible of you to invest the fees.

Unfortunately, we will not accept any more members after this. If we then expand the team, we will have capacity to take on more members.

We aim to get a decision to you within 1-2 weeks.