How to become a founding member of N0BS

Some may consider it to be risky when you’re an early adopter of new initiatives, but those who do usually benefit the most.

You get to be the first to access cool things and you often get the best pricing plan as the prices almost always go up significantly as companies find their way.

We’re at the start of a very exciting journey with N0BS and we know that we’re consistently learning new things, listening to our members and tweaking things to get it right.

So, we would like to thank anyone who joins us on this early part of our journey for being patient with us and coming on this rollercoaster with us!

That’s what entrepreneurship is all about, right?!

What is a founding member?

Since we just launched, our first few members are considered to be founding members.

They are the ones we are super grateful for, for believing in us right from the get-go.

We have determined that the first 30 people to sign up to the Grow membership or higher will be considered to be founding members.

What do founding members get?

Other than the cool-sounding title of “founding member”, we are locking in some incredible benefits for founding members:

  • Locked price for 1 year
  • Priority tickets for events
  • Customised merchandise
  • Founding members dinner

Plus, you will forever be loved by us for your support!

How do I apply?

We are taking applications at the current membership rate until April 2024, when the pricing will be reviewed again.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of the lower pricing and get locked in as a founding member now, head on over to the apply page and submit your application.

Even if your application takes a while to be approved, we will take the date from the moment you submit the application and not when you have been approved.