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Want to genuinely know how to grow your LinkedIn profile? Join us at LinkedIn HQ in London to learn directly from the LinkedIn team.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you will have been advised to build your personal brand. This term has grown in popularity over the last few years but still people are not sure how to do it.

LinkedIn has become THE platform where personal branding is all anyone can talk about.

This is why we are bringing you a special event to help you build your personal brand, but led by the actual experts – LinkedIn themselves.

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There are too many people on LinkedIn claiming to be personal branding experts, or even LinkedIn experts. Most of these people haven’t even got any experience, but just claim to know what they’re doing.

LinkedIn is completely crowded with noise and repeated templates making it even harder to stand out.

If you’ve been wanting to up your LinkedIn game but have wondered which “guru” you should trust, then this session is for you!

Come with us to the actual LinkedIn HQ in London and learn directly from the LinkedIn Creator team.

They will guide you through what content does well, how to amplify your profile and big no-nos for the platform.


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We want to have an intimate session that people can get the most out of, so this is exclusive for 14 people ONLY.

You will get an experience like no other and all attendees get the chance to continue their training with LinkedIn afterwards.

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