What’s the best way to spend my time as an entrepreneur?

Time management is probably the biggest skill of all when it comes to entrepreneurship. This is not to do with whether you turn up on time for meetings etc., but actually how you spend your time in general. 

As an entrepreneur, you do whatever it takes to try and grow your business, so you are often involved in many things. 

Plus, if you don’t quite have a team for each role yet, you will likely be doing several jobs – “wearing multiple hats” as they say!

Everything seems incredibly important, so how do you know what to prioritise?

What tasks should I be doing as an entrepreneur?

Before you can even answer this question, you need to understand yourself and where your skills lie. 

You may get suggestions of what you should be doing, but it is definitely different for everyone. 

I’d think to yourself: “What am I good at that no one else can do anywhere near as well?” You want to be doing tasks that you cannot delegate. 

From what we’ve seen, the tasks that every entrepreneur should be doing are the following:

Sales & Marketing

If you’re reading this thinking: “OMG I don’t have any sales or marketing training!” and then getting confused because we just told you that you should be doing what you’re best at, then listen up. 

Regardless of your sales and marketing experience, you are still the best person to sell your products/services. 

No one else will be as passionate about your business as you. No one else will care as much about the customers or the business reputation.

This will all come out in your communication with people. 

Sure, you may not have experience in sales/marketing, but you can get an expert to set up all the channels and create the strategy, but you absolutely should be creating a personal brand and getting yourself out there to talk to people about your brand. 


The only way to get yourself out there is to network! There’s definitely a stigma to networking as it’s often considered to be quite cringe. 

This is why we’re looking to change what “networking” is at N0BS. 

We just mean getting yourself out there and connecting with other entrepreneurs and potential customers and getting to know them. 

Attend industry events, jump on calls with people, spend a bit of time on LinkedIn and just connect with people. 


Entrepreneurs are usually quite visionary – you know what you want to achieve, even if you’re unable to do so by yourself. 

You will definitely need to build a team of incredible people around you, but you should also be spending time on your own business strategy. 

No one else can do this like you can, even if they’re a strategic advisor with decades of experience. 

You know your vision and the reason why you started, so you need to dedicate time to working on this to help make it happen. 

How much time will the members club take up?

We really hate it when people tell us “You get out of it what you put in”. While that may be true, there are ways that members clubs can facilitate your experience. 

We understand that time is precious, and we want to help you make the most of it. 

Therefore, we spend time getting to know you at the beginning to recommend how is best you use your time at the club. 

Everything is completely optional, but you will definitely want to get involved with the incredible events so that you mingle with others too. 

However, if there are some parts of your membership that you’d like to do more of and less of others, please just let us know.